Remote patients monitoring and clinical decision support for healthcare providers with COVID-19 patients


Precise COVID19

Remote diagnostics

About the Precise COVID19

Accurate and timely identification of patients at high risk of cardiovascular and respiratory complications and hard cases

Diagnostics and monitoring of side effects, cardiac dysfunctions and complications

24/7 remote patients monitoring, analytics and clinical decision support during recovery and rehabilitation

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User Cases

Identification of patients at high risk for care
Personalized monitoring, control and prevention
Case: MD checks the patient’s risk of complications during 4-minutes examination

Remote patients monitoring
Care prioritization support
Case: early remote detection of respiratory failure and hard cases

Automated cardiac complications diagnostics
Prediction of treatment side effects
Case: MD checks risk VS benefit of treatment with the QT-prolonging medication

Remote 24/7 patients monitoring
Biofeedback-based evaluating of care efficiency and patient’s recovery progress
Case: patient’s recovery progress is monitored by MD remotely


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