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BeSure Online is a data-driven platform for daily aging patients monitoring, stroke prevention, cardiovascular risks mitigation, medical decision support, and health plans optimization.

We focus on stroke which is a major cause of hard long-term disability and the second cause of death. The prevention and treatment of stroke is often ineffective and leading to high costs. Health care needs new ways to mitigate risks, optimize care and improve patients outcomes.

Using wearable, IoT and medical devices, BeSure makes real-time analysis of leading health indicators in order to predict the onset of emergent situations.

Besure Digital Health Platform

Besure Platform Features

Biofeedback technology

Patients 24/7 daily monitoring using wearable, IoT, medical devices and patient app

Predictive analytics

AI-based prediction of critical and high risk conditions, based on patient’s and external data

Clinical decision support

Treatment optimization, care delivery priority determination, personalized prevention

Patients engagement

Healthcare-patient interaction, motivation, patients behavior changing

Advanced analytics

Advanced actuarial analytics for insurance policy development, risk management and financial planning

Health outcomes

Real health outcomes and care efficiency evaluating methods, based on biofeedback and AI technology

Users Values

Using Besure Digital Platform, patients feel themselves more cared, involved in their health care, motivated for healthy lifestyle and following prevention or treatment plans. As a result, treatment become much more effective, accessible and personalized
Real-time data stream and analytic tools create opportunities to adjust treatment effectively, prevent emergent situations, serve more patients and determine priorities for healthcare delivery.
More accurate forecasts decrease the emergency and hard conditions expenses, that will significantly affects on the insurance premiums in the future. Using Besure platform insurance companies may substantially reduce costs, create new health plans and financial models
We create open infrastructure to support testing, validation and entering the healthcare market for wearable and IoT devices, that focus on patients CVD remote monitoring

Besure Healthcare News

HealthTech Investment Forum
Apr 2020


Precise Covid-19

In partnership with SenceBand, one-hand ECG wearable, and Precise, automated ECG interpretation, we are launching PRECISE COVID-19: AI and biofeedback-based remote monitoring and clinical decision support system for healthcare providers with COVID19 patients

Feb 2020


EIT Health Matchmaking

As a part of EIT Health community, BeSure has attended The EIT Health Matchmaking event in Berlin, that closes the series of Matchmaking Events for the EIT Health Business Plan 2021. As a result, we are joining some remote care innovation projects supported by EIT Health

HealthTech Investment Forum
Sep 2019


7th Annual Healthtech Investment Forum, Sept 24

BeSure is chosen to present its innovative solution at EIT Health Rising Stars session, that will take place during the Forum

Aug 2019


Signing piloting Agreement with MADOPA

We are happy to announce our participation in new EIT Health Living Lab program and our first partner - MADOPA (France)

Jul 2019


Agreement with Planexta

Besure signed contract with Planexta - wearable device manufacturer to use SenseBand for Besure remote monitoring platform

Global Entreprenuership Summit
Jun 2019


Global Entreprenuership Summit 2019

As one of the three winners of Philips Patients Monitoring Challenge, Organized by KVK, Be Sure Healthcare participates in GES

The Next Web Expo
MAY 2019


Meet Besure Healthcare at The Next Web Expo

As a partisipant of Data Marketing Services Program Besure Healthcare take part at the exhibition at TNW. Meet us at Expo Area

Health Valley Event
Mar 2019


Besure Healthcare at Get in The Ring

Besure Healthcare presents Netherlands at Get in The Ring Challenge at HealthValley event

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